How do You Write an Action Horror?

How do you write an action horror?

Not all horror stories are slow and tense. The action horror is fast-paced, desperate and full of conflict.

To write an action horror story, first, work out which elements are going to be horror and which are going to be action. To get the horror part right, use suspense, play on personal fears, and use correct pacing. For the action elements, focus on the character’s goals, use active voice, and keep the action scenes coming. Blend the two by writing suspenseful action scenes. Build the tension and add in scares.

Some good action horror movies are Aliens and From Dusk Till Dawn. Some good action horror books are The Dark by James Herbert and Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz. If you would like to try writing an action horror, follow the tips below. First are some horror elements. Then, some elements of action stories. Finally, we provide some ways to blend them together.

Elements of a Horror Story

Certain elements are essential to a horror story. A good horror story will have the following elements.

  1. Suspense

The best way to create suspense is to make the reader feel in danger. Use scary music, jump scares, or don’t reveal what is happening until the last moment.

Keep the reader guessing what will happen next, and ensure that the suspense builds up until the very end.

  1. Fear

Fear is what makes a horror story truly horrific. There are many ways to create fear, but the most effective method is to tap into the reader’s primal fears.

Some of the most common fears that people have include:

  • Fear of the dark
  • Fear of enclosed spaces
  • Fear of being alone
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of snakes or spiders
  • Fear of the unknown

Fear can also be created by making the reader empathize with the characters. If the reader cares about the characters, they will be more scared for them when bad things start happening.

  1. Violence

A horror story should have some violence but should not be gratuitous. The violence should serve a purpose, such as furthering the plot or creating suspense.

Too much violence can make a story less scary. Therefore, it is essential to find a balance.

  1. Humor

A horror story does not have to be all doom and gloom. Adding a bit of humour can make the story more compelling.

The best way to use humour in a horror story is to use it as a way to relieve tension. For example, if a character is in a terrifying situation, making a joke can help defuse the tension and make the reader feel less scared.

However, be careful not to overdo it. Too much humour can ruin the suspense and make the story less effective.

  1. Pacing

A good horror story should be well-paced, with just the right action and suspense. If a story is too slow, the reader will get bored.

But if it is too fast-paced, the scares will lose their impact.

The best way to find the right pacing is to read your story aloud and see how it feels. If it feels like it’s dragging, speed things up. If it feels like you’re rushing through the scares, slow down.

  1. Supernatural Elements

Horror stories often involve supernatural elements, such as ghosts, monsters, witches, and zombies. These can effectively create fear, but they should be used carefully.

If every scare in a story is supernatural, it will start to feel like the reader is just being played for scares, and they will quickly lose interest.

Elements of an Action Story

An action story is fast-paced and full of excitement. These stories typically involve a lot of violence and often have a high body count.

  1. Active Voice

An action movie should be written in an active voice. The sentences should be short and to the point. There is no room for long, flowery descriptions in an action story.

It should also be written in the present tense, as this adds to the feeling of immediacy.

  1. Sentence Length

As with the active voice, sentence length is essential in an action story. Sentences should be short and to the point. It will help to keep the reader engaged, as they will not have time to get bored or lost in long descriptions.

Long sentences with many verbs can be confusing, so it is best to stick to simple sentences with just a few words.

  1. Conflict

An action story should have a lot of conflicts. It can be between the protagonists and the antagonists or between different groups of characters.

The conflict should be constant, and there should be a sense that anything could happen at any time. It should be unpredictable and exciting.

  1. Character Goals

Each character in an action story should have a goal. It will give them something to fight for and make the conflict more personal.

The characters should be guided by their personal views and motivation. The characters’ actions and decisions should drive the plot.

  1. Danger

An element of danger should be present throughout the story. The characters should constantly be facing new challenges and risks.

It keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, wondering what will happen next. The characters should have something to lose, such as their lives or freedom. It makes the conflict more intense and adds to the suspense.

Blending the Action and Horror

Action and horror are two genres that go well together. An action horror story is fast-paced and full of scares.

The best way to blend these two genres is to start with an action-packed opening, followed by a series of scares. The story should then build to a climax that is both suspenseful and exciting.

  1. Create Suspenseful Action Scenes

The best way to blend action and horror is to create suspenseful action scenes.

The action should be fast-paced, but not so fast that the reader cannot follow what is happening. The goal is to keep the reader engaged and guessing what will happen next.

  1. Add Scares Into the Action

Another way to blend action and horror is to add scares into the action. Add jump scares or have the characters face off against dangerous creatures.

The key is to ensure that the scares are integrated into the story

and not just thrown in for cheap thrills. The scares should add to the suspense and tension of the story.

  1. Use Action to Build Tension

An action story can be used to build tension before a big scare. It can be done by having the characters face off against an enemy or by having them investigate a creepy location.

The goal is to use the action to raise the stakes and make the reader afraid for the characters. The scares should then be used to release that tension and create a feeling of relief.

  1. Balance the Action and Horror

The best way to blend action and horror is to balance the two genres. There should be equal parts action and horror.

The goal is to keep the reader engaged and entertained throughout the story. If the story is too heavy on either genre, it will become predictable and boring.

Now Write

Use these tips as inspiration and write a great action horror story. It’s up to you from here. Happy writing.